National Diploma in Dental Nursing

Course information

The National Diploma in Dental Nursing is a registrable qualification available to new dental nurses. Dental nurses must hold a registrable qualification to allow them to register with the General Dental Council, work as and use the title of Dental Nurse. Delta Dental Training provides this programme as an online package with full tutor support. We will provide all the resources needed for the dental nurse to prepare them for their final exams. Students are allocated a tutor to assist them in their learning. Students do not have to attend any classes or lectures and can work through the programme in their own time. Students will also need to complete a Record of Experience (RofE) detailing various activities within the day to day running of a dental surgery, and providing evidence of clinical skills. The final examination is in two parts: a written component and a practical component called an “OSCE” – Objective Structured Clinical Examination. Students will be required to sit and pass the written exam first before moving on to the OSCE. The exams are provided twice a year by the National Examining Board for Dental Nurses and the current exam schedule can be found on their website

The course fee is £1800 including exam fee.

Pre-Application Procedure:

Please ensure you have the following conditions in place before continuing with this application:

On the next page you will also find downloadable versions of the NEBDN documents:

You are invited to contact us via email or phone if you foresee any issues with these requirements or have any special considerations you wish to discuss before pursuing the application further.

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